Drivers Installed

The Drivers Installed section displays information for all drivers installed on a system.

  • Device Description - Displays a description of the device associated with the driver.
  • Manufacturer - Displays the name of the Manufacturer.
  • Enabled? -  Displays if the driver is enabled or not.
  • Device Type - Displays the type of device the driver is associated with.
  • Device Location - Displays the location of the device on the system.
  • Status - Displays the status of the driver.
  • Driver Provider - Displays the name of the Provider of the driver.
  • Driver Date - Displays the date of the Driver.
  • Driver Version - Displays the version number of the Driver.

To open the Drivers Installed section:

From the Cool Info FX View Menu, click on Drivers Installed.

From the Cool Info FX Toolbar, click the Drivers Installed icon.