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Tometa Software Working With GFKAmerica

We have recently partnered up with to develop a custom solution for their back end research team. First, let me explain what GFK is…

They are a marketing and research team, specializing in internet marketing and digital technologies in general. With their review team putting up new content all the time, they want a custom solution on how to organize and keep track of the fresh content on their platform and integrate that with all the social media channels.

Proof of Concept

Their latest review of the 7 figure cycle training has been written by different reviewers and that is hard to keep track of. This is exactly where we come in with the software solution we are preparing. It is going to keep track of the progress and sync the individual accounts of the writers and then update that on the back-end side of things. That way, everything is tracked and done on schedule and the whole team is a lot happier! 🙂

If you are looking for custom software solutions, please get in touch with us and we can give you a custom offer.

You can check out the review page at GFK by clicking the image below: