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GeoSniper: Secure, Speed up & Filter IIS by locations!

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Award Winning Software GeoSniper

GeoSniper filters all traffic from the client to your web-server based on locations that you select. You can even block locations all the way down to the state and city level! It is a fact that most hack attempts come from certain areas and countries. Stop them before they start and protect your site with GeoSniper!

How does it work? In terms of its implementation model and technical approach, GeoSniper is unique and has no competitors. Utilizing the GeoSniper, IIS security add in, stop hackers and intruders, threat prevention, and system securityTometa WhereIs web service for updates, GeoSniper keeps a constant and updated database of every IP on the internet and the location for that IP. So for example, if you block China from accessing your server, the entire country will not be able to access it ever! GeoSniper for IIS is an ISAPI Plug-In that validates each Web connection. As a result, all the HTTP and browser-based FTP requests handled by IIS are monitored, reported, and controlled by GeoSniper, using Pass-Through technology to track incoming Internet activity. GeoSniper leaves Microsoft IIS Server customers with an optimized investment.
Award winning GeoSniper is used by Fortune 500 companies, personal users, governments and small businesses worldwide!

GeoSniper Software Filters web-server traffic by selected locations. Leave bandwidth for real users and make your servers run faster.Highlighted Features in GeoSniper

•    Blocks incoming web traffic from certain locations like countries, states, even cities!
•    Continuously monitors incoming IPs even for high volume sites
•    Automatically updates IP information using the Tometa WhereIs service
•    Optimizes bandwidth
•    Increases sales and productivity
•    Self updating
•    Stops hackers in their tracks!
•    Fully integrated add in with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
•    Up and running in 5 minutes and 5 steps
•    Filtering is lightning fast
•    Discover the power of GeoSniping for your business!

GeoSniper is essential for your networks and computers!!!

GeoSniper is the future of Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Security. If you are tired of hackers, crackers and unintended people visiting your site then stop them at their location. Literally.

GeoSniper gateway security single-handedly addresses the risks associated with systems publicly accessible to the Internet, effectively manages and controls Internet serving, helps provide increased levels of employee productivity, reduces network bandwidth requirements, and mitigates potential legal liability relating to having your customer data stolen.

GeoSniper improves the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals and their servers, reduces the costs associated with system security and operations, leaves bandwidth open for real users of your site and bottom line just makes servers run faster. At Tometa we have never made a sale to certain areas of the globe but were constantly bombarded with attempts to hack our site and download our software for cracking. After installing GeoSniper we saw an 85% reduction in bad traffic and a huge increase in sales as our site responded faster to real customers! GeoSniper is indispensable to reducing exposure to external security threats AND your sales.

The best part about GeoSniper is the simplicity. You do not have a new tool to learn. GeoSniper integrates directly with the property pages of Internet sites in IIS and within a few clicks you can be up and running. It is a fully integrated, robust filtering solution that provides comprehensive and accurate web filtering–part of the ‘Next Generation’ of content filtering.

Enable a secure e-business today. Get GeoSniper today!

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