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Software by Tometa is
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Tometa Software is a
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
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Laptop Security: Laptop Theft Recovery and Laptop Tracking made easy!

LaptopLocate is a laptop tracking software aimed to keep your laptop secure. Simply install and configure LaptopLocate
on your notebook computer and begin reaping the beneifits of Laptop Security! More information on Laptop

Award Winning Software

Tometa is a software utility that will monitor a computer’s IP address to allow server administrators and general users to locate their computer. Computer Location MonitoringUsing cutting edge technology, each time a computer that has is turned on, the IP address of the computer is transmitted to a pre-determined location via email and logged for reference. This information is also transmitted to our servers and logged in the event your computer is ever stolen. Even if your email server fails we still know where your laptop is! is helpful in finding where computers, especially mobile computers, are currently located. If the computer is stolen, Tometa Software will coordinate with law enforcement agencies to help track down a registered user’s computer before valuable equipment and data is compromised with Tometa eCommerce Software

Technologies in are licensed from Absolute Software
patent numbers: 6507914 : 6244758 : 6300863 uses almost no resources to run and after a quick 1 minute setup user’s can rest easy knowing their computer can be located anywhere or anytime.

Award winning is used by Fortune 500 companies, personal users, governments and small businesses worldwide for their computer location monitoring needs. Computer Location MonitoringHighlighted Features in

  • runs hidden so it can not be disabled unless you know the keypress and password if any.
  • Even if your email server is down the computer’s location is still logged to our secure server.
  • offers a secure method of tracking your computer.
  • Enter all sorts of information to identify your computer including Asset Tag, Company, Computer Make, Computer Model and more!
  • You can password protect so malicious individuals or unknowing users won’t disable the software.
  • Automatically starts with windows.
  • You decide how often notifies you of where you computer is. is essential for your Laptop’s Security, Laptop’s Safety, and theft recovery

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