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Sharepoint 2007

On Sharepoint 2007 we can find more than 100 new functionalities, where the most important are:


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Content and Document Management New Features

  • Recycle bin for deleted items
  • Automated migration of CMS sites to the new Sharepoint based architecture
  • New version of CMS will be built natively on WSS architecture
  • Frontpage wizard for workflow development
  • Reusable column (field) definitions

Integration With Enterprise Systems New Features

  • Ability to create both browser based and client based InfoPath forms



Integration With Office New Features

  • Use of Sharepoint sites for email archiving
  • Rendering of spreadsheets as HTML
  • Access will treat Sharepoint site data as datasources
  • Ability to insert a side into PowerPoint from a WSS ?Slide Library?

Lists And Data Management New Features

  • Ability to create forms with ASP.Net controls
  • Ability to create custom data field types with validation
  • Version history for all list and library, showing what changes were made
  • Lists view available in any list type with date fields
  • Lists can receive incoming email and extract data
  • Better filtering, sorting, navigating in views
  • Folders available with all lists, with custom folder properties
  • Lookup fields can reference fields on lists and libraries on other sites

Maintenance And Support New Features

  • Multiple options for upgrading to new version

RSS And Data Export New Features

  • Content can be syndicated via RSS on a per-site or per-list basis
  • Ability to send Sharepoint lists to mobile devices

User Interface And Presentation New Features

  • Easy global change of UI via master pages
  • More out-of-the-box support for multilingual deployments

Workflow New Features

  • Multi-step serial and parallel workflows using WWF workflow templates
  • Users can participate in workflow from wherever they are editing ? via Sharepoint, Outlook, or the document itself. Workflows can be initiated from Sharepoint or the document
  • Workflow can be? asociated? with docyments, content types or libraries
So as to detail one of the most importat functionalities in Sharepoint 2007, in next section can be seen how to work with Workflows.


Infornation workers? who created and worked with documents were part of often loosely defined business processes. Those processes have remained elusive, and until now they have been difficult to define with any degree of precision of reproducibility .
With the 2007 Microsoft Office system, information workers and developers can answer that question by associating a workflow and workflow activities to a document library, list, or content type that is part of a Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services site. Workflows provide a solution to automating business processes related to document creation and management.

Workflows and Activities

The workflow functionallity in Windows Sharepoint Services is base don the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).
WF also provides tools for the development and execution of workflow based applications.
You can create two kind of workflows based on WF or too can create a type of Windows Sharepoint Services.

State machine Workflows and Sequential workflows.

State machine Workflows

They must be modeled as templates for human-based workflows and represents states, trsitions, and actions. One state can de the start state, based on an event where a transition is made to another state. Too can have a final state ending the workflow. This kind of workflows are useful for capturing processes that can be modified as they run.

Sequential Workflows

They must be modeled as flowcharts and are useful for system-oriented workflows. They are a sequuence of steps. These workflows can be affected by external events so the way of activities executed can vary.
The concepts in WF are the workflow and the activities. A workflow represents a set of activities coordinated by events which are compiled into a .Net assembly.
An activity is a .Net class with methods and properties and events. A workflow runs by executing the methods in the activities.
On a workflow you ll be able to associate a business process to items on a site.
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 uses of Windows Sharepoint Services for sofisticated workflows.
Some samples are:
  • Moderation
  • Approval
  • Issue tracking
  • Collecting feedback
  • Collecting signatures
WF is is integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Outlook where you can see on a task list with tasks generated by workflows.
Microsoft Office Access can also take advantage for reporting.

Windows Workflows Foundation Run-Time Engine

This engine manages workflow execution and keeps activity for long periods of time surviving to machine reboots.
Too provides services to workflow applications with support for sequencing, state management, tracking capabilities and transactions.
Windows Sharepoint services has its own implementations of services fro transactions, persistence, notifications roles, tracking, and messaging, all exposed through thw WSS object model.

Custom Workflows

With the WSS workflow activities you can define sophisticated workflows.
When you need to create your own activities, you can do it with managed code in Microsoft Visual Studio 2007. They can be created with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 and with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Designer for WWF, or can also be customized with the user interface in Windows Sharepoint Services itself.
It is needed to create a form or a series of forms for associating and configuring the workflow.
You can build them using Office Sharepoint Designer that generates .aspx pages.
You can build them using Visual Studio and Microsoft Office Infopath 2007 forms.
You can create a workflow with graphical elements, XML specification, code, or a combination of these.
Workflow authors use and extend the workflow model in the same way they use and extend other elements of the Micorsoft .Net Framework

Sharepoint? Workflow Designer


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