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How did Tometa get its name?Mr. TometaHead

The Tometa name is unmistakable and each new client and customer generally asks the question above.

According to legend and folklore surrounding this question there are some prevailing theories:

1) Since the founders liked Pizza they picked one of the main ingredients.

2) A tomato is neither fruit nor vegetable. Like Tometa it can be anything it wants and exists in the ether as an anomaly to its kind.

3) It was picked because you can get cool online names: Killer Tometa, Ketchup, Mr. Tometa Head, etc.

4) Tometa rhymes with Poteta (and yes we own both the domains) 🙂

5) The first Harley Davidson motorcycle built in 1903 used a tomato can for a carburetor and we like Harley Davidson’s.

Unfortunately the birth of Tometa is much like the birth of the universe. Shrouded in mystery and a "You had to be there to get it" type of deal. Someday we expect to discover the truth when we can uncover the secret identities of the founders. Currently we do know that Spiderman and Batman may know something.

As soon as we know. You will know!

*** A small update Nix v. Hedden was a supreme court case (1893) over whether a tomato was classified as a fruit or a vegetable. It was filed as an action against the collector of the port of New York over duties related to importation of tomatoes.

According to the Tariff Act of 1883, a duty was imposed on imported "vegetables in their natural state, or in salt or brine, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act, ten per centum ad valorem." Another provision of the act said that "Fruits, green, ripe, or dried, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act." Definitions of "fruit" and "vegetable" were read from the Webster’s Dictionary and witnesses involved in fruit and vegetable commerce were called.

The court decided in favor of the defense and found that the tomato was classified as a vegetable.

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