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Tometa Software Download, Instal and Latest News

What Do We Do at Tometa Software Inc.?

Improve your business or home efficiency by acquiring desired application from Tometa Software Inc. We design programs aimed at improving daily operations and reduce overhead running costs. To enable us meet our customer software requirements, we combine a variety of skills some of which include; creative minds, problem-solving skills and modern technology solutions. You can always rely on us about software development, coding, software consultation and e-commerce solutions among other related tasks. We are specialists in different industries and you can rely on us for unique and robust system solutions. The following are reasons why you should entrust Tometa Software instal with any software development assignment.

Programming Experience With Tometa Software

We have been in the programming industry for long and have direct experience on different technologies. We have helped businesses in different industries accomplish various projects by providing the right programming solutions. This has also enabled us gain sufficient experience and exposure on different issues related to programming. We are dedicated to learn new techniques and put them into practice when developing a solution. 

Our team possess the right skills to ensure quality product delivery within the specified time limits. We offer exceptional software developing, over 35 programming languages, web design, coding and e-commerce solutions. Our unique creative skills and unique way of handling every customer needs has made us stand from the rest when it comes to accomplishing challenging and involving assignments. We blend modern skills and know-how in order to help businesses and organizations find real solutions to different system challenges in their daily operations. Our team is well equipped with both technical and soft skills; this enables easy conversion of any idea into a computer program.

Highly skilled Tometa Software Team

We are backed up by an energetic and resource full team of skilled staff. The team holds accredited qualifications in different fields related to software development. We are dedicated to deliver quality customer care service and building strong customer relationship by offering quality, unique and continuous maintenance services. You can rely on our diverse skills to deliver on your expected task within the required time with minimum instructions by Anthony Morrison – Mobile Optin 2.

User focus

We always put end-user programming needs in mind when creating an application. This is necessitated by the need to create an interactive and user-friendly application that will add value to the organization. We go beyond user requirement by delivering convenient and user-friendly applications. By developing features aimed at improving end user efficiency, our clients will have easy time when delivering on their daily operations.

Correct certification for eCommerce and Dropshipping 

Tometa software download holds different certifications that enable development of original and customised software solutions for different eCommerce shops. Our staffs are constantly up to date with emerging and trending development in modern information technology. This ensures that we provide relevant and up to date applications for our customers like Adrian Morrison from eCom Success Academy. Tometa is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner; this gives us the right to create custom and original applications to different eCommerce businesses. You can read our review of the eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison who was the first to implement our full software features here: full review here – ecomsuccessacademy.net

Visit our website today and search for any software category that you desire to have our custom developers handle. Provide us with the right information that we need to know by filling in the order page. We will provide you with the right software and programming solutions as per your instructions within the stated time period. You can get the latest 2018 news and updates here as well: https://www.facebook.com/eComsucessacademy and here: https://twitter.com/e_Comsuccess. We have just added the new software insights, bonus and reviews by GFKamerica



Tometa Software Future Projects – What We Have Planned?

We at Tometa Software have a clear vision of our company’s goals and our future. We see our biggest potential in developing artificial intelligence and virtual reality softwares. The one that we are most excited about is the potential to have our eCommerce VR platform installed on amazon.com – which is good news if you want to private label and sell with their FBA program. You can learn more in the infinity code training. Our stuff is well educated and trained to set new goals in the industry. You can check our latest work to see our ambitions and the whole potential on the homepage.

Tometa Software Working With GFKAmerica

We have recently partnered up with GFKamerica.com to develop a custom solution for their back end research team. First, let me explain what GFK is…

They are a marketing and research team, specializing in internet marketing and digital technologies in general. With their review team putting up new content all the time, they want a custom solution on how to organize and keep track of the fresh content on their platform and integrate that with all the social media channels.

Proof of Concept

Their latest review of the 7 figure cycle training has been written by different reviewers and that is hard to keep track of. This is exactly where we come in with the software solution we are preparing. It is going to keep track of the progress and sync the individual accounts of the writers and then update that on the back-end side of things. That way, everything is tracked and done on schedule and the whole team is a lot happier! 🙂

If you are looking for custom software solutions, please get in touch with us and we can give you a custom offer.

You can check out the review page at GFK by clicking the image below:

Tometa 7 Figure eCommerce Software and App Release

What Is New Inside The Tometa 7 Figure eCommerce App?

You can think of the Tometa 7 figure app as the Internet’s telephone directory. It gives you information on the geographical location of an IP address based on Internet infrastructure information.

Try this sample page of the service.

With a free SDK, free email support and code examples in almost any language Tometa Tometa 7 figure app easily provides information on the geographic location of Internet visitors and IP addresses. Cutting edge IP geolocation technology and continuously updated databases allows just a single line of code in your program or website to give you the following information: City name (e.g. Spokane), State or Region name (e.g. Washington), Full country name (e.g. United States of America), Area code (e.g. 509), Latitude, Longitude, IP address, Country code (e.g US), Country code (e.g USA), Region code (e.g. WA), Country Flag Graphic (large or small).

Highlighted Features in Tometa Tometa 7 figure app and software

• Convert IP address to geographic locations with almost no code!
• Frequently updated database unlike other sites.
• Get information like city, state, latitude, longitude, even area code from your site visitors automatically!
• Target your advertising by location
• Automatically redirect visitors to the correct language with location aware content
• Prefill order information for your buyers
• Real Time Geo-Locating
• Make your eBay listings automatically display shipping cost from you to them!
• Present a local face to your global visitors (think global, act local)
• Free SDK (Software Development Kit) and email support!
• Prevent credit card fraud by comparing locations to customer entries.
• Generate geographic information reports down to the area code or city from your server logs! Ever wonder how often a certain city hits your site?
• Filter SPAM
• No server side software to install, copy paste and go!
• New Ideas pop up every day! Email if you have a great idea.
• Discover the power of geolocation for your business!

Tometa Tometa 7 figure software allows you to dynamically insert customized welcome messages on to your page or utilize IP Geo information in your programs and web site. You can either design your own phrase or use one of our templates. There is no need to install any special software on your web server! Now, this is a great tool.

Here are just some of things you can do with Tometa Tometa 7 figure software:

Help Prevent credit card fraud – Compare the city, state and country they are claiming to be from and flag or deny the transactions.

Filter SPAM – Plug Tometa 7 figure app into your email server and start denying email from specific locations

Verify and Prefill Entries – Make your site easy to use by filling in as much information for the user as possible and detecting if they entered the correct location. Prevent credit card fraud by comparing locations to customer entries.

Turbo charge your eBay sales – Make your eBay listings automatically display shipping cost from you to them and give a local face to your buyers. You can get more info here: https://7figurecycles.net

Think global, act local – Convert IP address to geographic locations with almost no code! Get the flag for the country! Customize your website based on user’s geographical location allow automatic customization of websites according to user location.

Display local information – weather, sports, schedules & more – without any input by the user, or automatically present the appropriate website and automatically redirect visitors to the correct language with location aware content.

Target Advertising – Send targeted content to your customers based on where they are located, including country, state, city, and even area code. Deliver advertising to your best audience! You can deliver your advertising message to specified target locations. By targeting advertising towards your intended local audience, you can save money on advertising and reach a targeted audience more efficiently. You can find more info here: https://www.facebook.com/7figurescycle/

Generate geographic information reports down to the area code or city from your server logs! Ever wonder how often a certain city hits your site?

New Ideas pop up every day! Email if you have a great idea.

If your e-commerce website sells products or services to international customers, then you need Tometa Tometa 7 figure app! Discover the power of geolocation to drive your business with the new eCommerce CSS framework.

Award winning Tometa Tometa 7 figure app is used by Fortune 500 companies, personal users, governments and small businesses worldwide!

Tometa Tometa 7 figure app is essential for your business!!! Watch the video below to see why!

The database contains our best estimate for the location for every IP address on the internet, but may not be accurate or complete in all cases. Please try the demo before use.
It should be noted that the Tometa Tometa 7 figure app service seeks to indicate the location where resources were first allocated or assigned and are not an authoritative statement of the location in which any specific resource may currently be in use. Some extreme cases are very difficult and sometimes impossible to map like proxy usage. However at this moment the Tometa Tometa 7 figure app is by far the most accurate way to determine the location of Internet users in real-time. Tometa Tometa 7 figure software  is approximately 99% accurate on a country level, 85% accurate on a state level, 80% accurate for US cities and contains approximately 4 million records. 

Tometa Software – We are thinking about our retirement

Some of the people here at tometa software are in their late 50s and retirement is not that far away. There are many options to secure a safe and secure retirement and we want to share one that has caught our attention. Since the financial collapse in 2008 prices of precious metals were negatively correlated to the paper currency. This is one of the main reason we are considering a gold IRA. If you are not familiar with precious metals IRAs read on.

This is a short overview of precious metals IRAs in case you don’t know what it is.

Retirement Investments In Gold: Gold IRAs

Thinking of your retirement investments as a nest egg is a common conceit. You might even picture that egg as a golden one. A lot of people are making that image more literal than metaphorical these days by making gold IRAs part of their retirement planning. Gold hit a long-term high by passing the $1,300 per ounce mark in May of 2016, and these historic prices attracted a lot of interest from new investors. Is opening up a gold IRA a move you should consider yourself? – source: mineweb.net – Gold IRA Rollover

First of all, calling these accounts “gold” IRAs is actually just shorthand. They allow for investment in all forms of commonly-traded precious metals. This includes silver, platinum, and palladium as well as gold. You can find the full list at mineweb.net. Gold IRAs were enabled by a congressional act in 1997. Edmund C. Moy, former director of the US Mint and current strategist for Fortress Gold, shares some useful background information on these accounts.

Precious metals suitable for IRA holding have to conform to strict standards. According to many investors, the metals must be in the form of bars or coins that meet the IRS’s standards for fineness. The metals also have to be held by a trustee, not by the account owner him or herself. The metals must physically reside in a depository approved by the IRS. In other words, this form of account isn’t compatible with burying gold bullion in your backyard.

May also noted that the metals in a gold IRA are subject to all of the standard rules about contributions, disbursements, and taxes that apply to other IRAs.

Why Open A Gold IRA?

The chief advantage that a gold IRA has to offer to the retirement investor is portfolio diversification.

Both traditional and Roth IRAs – which hold stocks or mutual fund investments – are subject to the whims of inflation. A gold IRA acts as a check against inflation because the price of gold habitually moves away from that of paper assets. A partial investment in gold is an excellent way to reduce long-term inflationary risk. This is why gold is particularly suited for retirement investing.

Growing Popularity

According to many, the adoption of gold IRAs was initially stalled by the stringent transactional requirements involved. It took a great deal of persistence to overcome the hurdles placed between the investor and long-term gold ownership. Challenges included finding an appropriate trustee and an approved depository. Buyers also had to deal with the hassle of transferring purchased metal into the depository in a recorded and trackable fashion. – Mineweb.net

Custom Fan Page Software by Tometa Software

.NET Software Developer for Fan Page Domination

.net developer tometa-software-for-fan-pages

Tometa Software, Inc. of Spokane Washington is looking for an honest, detail oriented, sincere, well mannered and professional .NET Software Developer to participate in our skyrocketing growth on our newest project with learn build earn.

We are a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner who designs and develops robust software solutions. In a nutshell: we design (applications, web sites, networks, and databases), we write software (in over 35 languages), we consult on high technology (for all sizes of companies), and we customize our own unique commercial software products, just like the one you see here. Now if you would like to learn build and earn with selling digital products or software products, you should look into the TheLearnBuildEarn.net – Download and Reviews as well.

We deliver the highest standards to our clients and we expect the highest standards from our employees.

Tometa is 100% up-to-speed on the latest products, has real-world experience, proven expertise via rigorous certification. This is due to the fact that we have to make sure you are the right fit for us. Tometa Software has the knowledge and experienced staff to design, implement and execute an entire suite of end-to-end Information Technology (IT) solutions to meet your companies business goals and objectives.

Required Skills:

  • Microsoft .NET and related technologies
  • Strong written communication skills (including spelling and grammar).
  • Strong oral communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to effectively troubleshoot and resolve a problem of unknown origin and cause.
  • Ability to quickly identify and resolve problems in unfamiliar environment.
  • 3+ years of software development experience is required.  School counts!

Additional Skills / Experience / Qualifications:

The ideal candidate will also have a solid performance history focused on the following performance factors:

  • Must be able to maintain an excellent line of communication with developers and non-developers.
  • Must have ability to manage large-scale projects under significant constraints, such as short time frames.
  • Constantly sensitive to project timeline deliverables.
  • Project management
  • Priority setting.
  • Problem solving.
  • Functional / Technical Skills.
  • Proactive.
  • Ability to work without constant oversight.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Action-oriented.
  • Approachability.
  • Directing others.
  • Drive for results.
  • Ethics / Values.
  • Managing and measuring work.
  • Experience in aligning business objectives and departmental workload.
  • Work from verbal and written instructions of varying levels of detail.
  • Ability to take direction from a Director.
  • Effectively manage both personal and work needs.
  • Exhibits a high level of individual initiative and self motivation.

In addition, there may be some misc. business-related duties associated with a growing company.

Please state your requested salary range and e-mail us at npm@tometasoftware.com.

Tometa eCommerce Software Solutions – Check The New Updates Here

New 100K Factory Revolution eCommerce Plugin by Adrian Morrison

Evaluations of Shopify have constantly been positive due to the fact that they are an ecommerce software program remedy that supplies all the attributes required by online shops by 100k Factory Revolution Program. Being able to make use of such a service motivates on-line entrepreneurship, because it offers the easiest and also most inexpensive method to establish these shops. Sellers could begin marketing their products online in just a few minutes. Plus, they do not have to pay extra for advertising as well as seo services due to the fact that Shopify has integrated all these functions in addition to online purchasing cart software program.


There is likewise no should work with a professional website designer due to the fact that they use a large selection of style themes to pick from for designing an on-line store. Vendors can quickly change the web site style on their own if they have the technical knowledge or with the help of an expert, which is a whole lot much more budget friendly compared to creating the website from the ground up. They can alter the entire style with simply a couple of clicks and it will immediately be switched to the new design. Shopify deals with many professionals so if you have any requirements that are not fulfilled, you could go through their total directory of ecommerce developers, programmers, marketing professionals and more with Aidan Booth 100k Factory plugin.

Individuals from all over the globe can produce an account with Shopify. There’s not a problem with neighborhood moneys, tax obligation prices and the local language because international currencies as well as languages are sustained. Merchants will certainly not incur costs for this since it is an automated attribute of the online shop. Vendors could likewise offer virtually anything on their ecommerce websites, be it service or products. On the internet company owner can fulfill orders with third-party satisfaction centers such as Amazon. An additional advantage of this ecommerce software application remedy is that vendors can watch all essential details such as sales data, item orders as well as consumer data of their on the internet shop via their mobile phones.

Another essential reason most reviews of Shopify are positive is due to the fact that it gives high levels of integrity and adaptability. Committed to hefty safety and security measures, Shopify guarantees that their on the internet shops provide safe deals and are free of any deceptive tasks. Its detailed collection of promotional tools helps with all elements of marketing the on the internet shop. Monitoring of on-line shops has actually never ever been so very easy. Shopify has actually been created as one of the very best ecommerce option options on the marketplace today, specifically for company owner that are just obtaining their beginning online with the new 100k Factory Revolution Program.

The New Email Marketing Tool Update from Inbox Blueprint – What Is New?

Anik Singal from Inbox Blueprint is just about to update his email marketing software called Inbox Blueprint 2.0. in January 2018. You can find all of the news and updates here: http://inboxblueprint2.net and here: https://www.facebook.com/InboxBlueprint2.0


100k Factory Revolution Updates – What Are The New Features

Tometasoftware Updates Of 100k Factory Revolution – What Is New?

One means to add worth to your web home is to find an ecommerce option that is “pre-designed” and also pre-populated with items that compliment your existing material inside. These ecommerce systems can be plugged right into your existing web site as well as many need very little technological skills. Some pre-designed ecommerce services offer web site owners the capability to personalize content, design and item classifications with design components and products that quickly suit your existing web scheme and also substantial the value of your existing web content and offerings the new 100k factory features.

On-line eCommerce systems are easily offered on the net as an example Prestashop, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and also etc. With so many various systems, we actually need to know which system to utilize and which one will certainly matches our kinds of business best. This write-up intends to provide you five vital functions of the eCommerce systems to ensure that you could determine on your own which system fits your online service best of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton 100k factory.

Directory monitoring is an essential aspect of an eCommerce option. It manages all your items under one roof covering, ideally it needs to come with batch import as well as export functions, and also this is a vital function when you have several items to be published into the web site. This feature could help you reduce valuable time by doing a mass upload/download of items into your server. Visualize just how much time can be squandered if you should post 3000 items into your web server by hand. The directory needs to also permit you to manage the rates of your items conveniently. It needs to likewise include a scheduler to permit you to schedule the rates of your products immediately. When surfing your brochure, the system should additionally feature a filter and built-in search center that can aid you find your products quickly.

Marketing and also promotion is very important for you eCommerce internet site and 100k factory revolution updates:

  • A successful eCommerce store requires occasional online promotions as well as advertising and marketing projects to keep your site visitors returning as well as make that essential purchase.
  • See to it your eCommerce system enables you to create as well as handle discount coupons, develop and take care of pricing regulations for members and also non-members.
  • Powerful tools to enable you to upsell and go across sell your products. These devices are necessary for your site to preserve consumers.

Discover WebCreation UK by TometaSoftware

WebCreation UK Partnering With TometaSoftware


At Tometa, we have designed, developed, managed, and programmed thousands of custom applications, full scale multi-tiered projects / solutions, and web sites for everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies; ranging from scientific applications, reporting infrastructures, workflow automation applications to human resource, profiling and statistical databases. Our current user base for award winning commercial applications and custom software is over one million worldwide. Some of our high profile customers include NASDAQ, Australian Hospital Care, Qwest, IBM, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Brother, Agfa, Briggs & Stratton, New York City Transit Authority, Australian Department of Natural Resources, NASA, US Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Navy, US Library of Medicine, US Department of the Interior, and PENN State University.

Our applications solve real business issues for our clients and are easy to use. They have won awards and have been featured on the covers of important computing magazines such as PC Magazine and featured in other magazines such as Windows Magazine, Windows.NET Magazine, and Visual Studio Magazine. Some of our software has even been included in over 15 technical books published in over 20 languages.

As for our website design needs we are working together with WebCreation UK who are a truly amazing company. They always deliver on time and what was promised. You don’t need to read , because you can easily trust their service! 

Below is a list of recent projects we have tackled. Specific examples can be obtained by contacting . We are also happy to give out our customer references which will astound you.

• .NET Development
• Accounting
• ActiveX development
• Banking software
• Business process improvement
• Comprehensive group scheduling/calendaring
• Customer management
• Customer prospecting and referral analysis
• Customer relationship management
• Data translation
• Database design and development
• Debtors tracking and analysis
• Digital video recording
• E-Commerce
• Employment/Resume tracking and management
• Exchange groupware
• Financial and banking
• Foreign software contract negotiations
• Game engines
• Games
• Health care applications
• Hosting management
• Installations
• Internet design and development
• Inventory
• Networking consulting
• N-Teir development
• Property appraisal tracking and analysis
• Real Estate management
• Relational database modeling
• Security solutions
• Small business solutions
• System information
• Training
• Trouble/support ticketing
• Videoconferencing
• Web site search engines

Tometa Software Has Developed The new 100k Factory Revolution Software – We Have Exclusive Insights

Producing an ecommerce website doesn’t have to be as challenging or as costly as you could believe. Many types of ecommerce remedies could be exceptionally intimidating to brand-new on the internet marketers of 100k factory revolution.

Though lots of brand-new online marketers promptly recognize the benefits of offering items online that could be instantly acquired and processed through an efficient purchasing cart system, many fine the procedure of establishing effective ecommerce systems complicated, pricey as well as practically frightening.

This is completely easy to understand nonetheless these factors alone own many brand-new online entrepreneurs away from screening and also executing eccomerce services that might reinforce their visitors web experience as well as gain additional income from their internet properties.