Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find on your website?

Tometa Software is the internet’s biggest source for online slots and casino games. Our biggest offering is free slots – we have 1,000+ games that you can play on our site. But you can also find everything you need to play your favorite games at online casinos. We recommend our top casinos for you, a range of bonuses in all categories, and lots of gambling information that will help you on your journey.

Will I ever need to pay to use Tometa Software?

No! Our site is 100% free to use, and that’s also true if you have an account with us. Keep in mind that if you join any of our top casinos and claim any of our recommended bonuses then you will likely have to make some deposits, but those are payments going to third-party sites. We’ll never ask you for payment details.

What do you do differently from everyone else?

We stand out because we’re all about the games. If you want to know what casinos have your favorite slot, or whether a slot is worth playing in the first place, then we’re the site for you. And part of our mission is to revolutionize the way you think about playing online slots. We want to be more than a guide. We want to be a game changer.

I’d like to make a suggestion for your site

Fire away! We’d love to hear your ideas. We have a contact form on this page that you can use. Alternatively, you can go straight to our Contact Us page. We’re all about helping you on your gambling journey, so let us know what’s missing from our site, and what we can do to make it better.

Why should I make an account with Tometa Software?

Account members can enjoy a more personalized experience. If you have an account, you can save your favorite games and keep track of your playing history. We’ll even send you exclusive bonuses. We’re going to launch lots of new exclusive account features in the coming months. If you join now, you’ll be the first to benefit from them!

What’s in the pipeline?

We can’t give away all our secrets! But we can say that we are always working in all areas of our site. We’re always adding new free games. We’re always on the hunt for better casinos. We’re always trying to add more pages with useful gambling info. And right now, we’re really trying to change the way you think about playing free slots, especially for our account members. If you want to know what we’re up to, we suggest you register with us, or subscribe to our email program.